Vertigo – Marco Paulo Rolla

Vertigo – Marco Paulo Rolla
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06 October 2015


Quotidian implies routine, all that is commonplace, banal. Some form of life structure, with its apparent normality and stability: a plateau to sponsor imaginative leaps and detour events. Our quotidian and everything that surrounds us in our everyday life play a key role in Marco Paulo Rolla’s artistic realm. Habitual actions such as eating, sleeping, doing the laundry, as well as objects that are part of our domestic life can be constantly seen at different points in time. The dimension of the workplace is also considered in its repetitive, routine nature. Such occurrences, however, are shown to happen in a disruptive atmosphere, in a daily scenario that is interrupted by accidents, falls, slides, suspensions, when objects are rebellious, or include human organs (as criticism to capitalist fetish): the ads reveal the finitude of human beings; dream is performative. Errors and falls are frozen to gain evidence. The quotidian is radical because it emphasizes irruptions and detours of what is expected, thus criticizing the naturalness of actions, customs, and rules in the social “smooth course of actions.”

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