What have we got for lunch?

What have we got for lunch?
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06 October 2015


This project proposed the tasting of art through the bringing together of 17 artists from Belo Horizonte.

It gathered works already performed at CEIA along these 14 years of existence. Works we felt deserved not only to be seen again, but also revisited. The exhibition was made up of 17 artists, whose works, with their varied “recipes”, marked our memories and have become references in today’s Brazilian art scene. The works explored various techniques and languages such as drawing, installation, painting and photography.

The idea was to create a space that would stimulate the discussion about the consumption of contemporary art featuring a “special menu” in which recipes are art works in their most diversified languages and forms.

Period: January 27th through February 26th

Venue: Funarte MG in Belo Horizonte

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