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This project promoted the gathering, in a collective studio, of 16 Brazilian and foreign artists coming from countries such as Argentina, Nicaragua, Egypt, Holland, France and The Comoro Islands.

In addition to the Collective Studio, the project offered three workshops, allowing the participation of over 60 artists from the city of Belo Horizonte and others.

No one can deny the importance of drawing as a structural basis for any image. CEIA’s goal with DRAWING was to focus on this media as a field of artistic investigation in order to allow the expansion of an individual’s perception within the sensitive field, stimulating interesting studies on visual expression.

Period: July 5th through 25th, 2010

Venue: Espaço Cento e Quatro in Belo Horizonte


Prince Claus Founds (Holland)

Rijksakademie (Holland)

Espaço Cento e Quatro (Brazil)

Centro Cultural Espanha (Brazil)

Coletivo Xepa (Brazil/Argentina)


Art Collaboratory (Holland)

Mondrian Founds (Holland)


• Collective Studio for 16 artists with exhibitions open to the public at the end of the work.

• 3 Workshops

Notes on Representation

Teacher: Irene Kopelman (Argentina)

To project and to project oneself: drawing as a project of something to know

Teacher: Marcelino Peixoto (Minas Gerais – Brazil)

Drawing – Territory

Teacher: Dora Long Bahia (São Paulo – Brazil)

Participating Artists


Marcelino Peixoto (Brazil)

Irene Kopelman (Argentina)

Dora Longo Bahia (Brazil)


Waltercio Caldas (Brazil)

Isaura Pena (Brazil)


Ahmed Moussa (Comoro Islands)

Ali Mroivili (Comoro Islands)

Aretuza Moura (Brazil)

Eugênio Pacelli Horta (Brazil)

Claudia França (Brazil)

Glaura Pereira (Brazil)

Graciela de Oliveira (Argentina)

Letícia Grandinetti (Brazil)

Liliane Dardot (Brazil)

Marco Paulo Rolla (Brazil)

Marianne Viero (Denmark)

Margô Assis (Brazil)

Nídia Negromonte (Brazil)

Patricia Belli (Nicaragua)

Siree van der Velde (Holland)

Thomas Klimowski (France)

Wanda Tofani (Brazil)


Irene Kopelman (Argentina)

Waltercio Caldas (Brazil)

Ali Mroivili (Comoro Islands)

Isaura Pena (Brazil)

Dora Longo Bahia (Brazil)

Lucas Di Pascuale (Argentina)

Coordination and Curatorship

Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcos Hill

Production Coordination

Patrícia Imaculada de Matos

Assistant Producer

Henrique Fonseca