MIP – International Performance Manifestation


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MIP – International Performance Manifestation – was the second event promoted by CEIA in Belo Horizonte. The proposal sprang from the desire of enabling the experience of performance art as a contemporary artistic practice. Still misunderstood as a means of expression, even after almost a century of existence, performance art is still discriminated against. Maybe due to the fact that it is a very broad art form, able to bring together any human practice that synthesizes expression and knowledge.

Gathering people from different cities, states and countries, MIP bears the mark of having become a unique social event where the bodies, touched in multiple ways, are taken to other levels of sensibility, sharing and exchange.

Period: July through August, 2003.


Centro Cultural Casa do Conde de Santa Marinha in Belo Horizonte, MG

Centro Cultural Usiminas in Ipatinga, MG


Rijksakademie (Holland)

Hivos (Holland)

Mondrian (Holland)

Usiminas (Brazil)


Prince Claus Found (Holland)

Doen (Holland)


Workshop – The Four Elements

Teacher – Moniek Toebosh

Performance Show Week

Video Show – performances

Cycle of Lectures

Participating Artists

Wilson de Avellar (Brazil)

Marcia X (Brazil)

Renato Cohen (Brazil)

Yiftah Peled (Brazil)

Monali Meher (India)

Laura Lima (Brazil)

Maria Angelica Melendi (Brazil)

Felipe Chamovich (Brasil) (Brazil)

Marcos Hill (Brazil)

Monik Toebosch (Holland)

Marta Neves (Brazil)

Graziela Kunsh (Brazil)

Terezinha Soares (Brazil)

Marco Paulo Rolla (Brazil)

Gregg Smith (South Africa)

Arahmaiani (Indonesia)

Jill Magid (USA)

Paul Perry (England)

Reza Afisina (Indonesia)

Otobong Nkanga (Indonesia)

Open Space

Ana Gastelois (MG Brazil)

Cristiana Ribas (RS Brazil)

Cintia Marcelle (MG Brazil)

Geraldo Loyola (MG Brazil)

Grupo Gia (BA Brazil)

Grupo Tramoia (MG Brazil)

Izabela Pucu (RJ Brazil)

Paulo Neflídio (SP Brazil)

Paola Rettore (MG Brazil)

Wagner Rossi (MG Brazil)

Solange Pessoa (MG Brazil)

Fernando Ribeiro (PR Brazil)

Coordination and Curatorship

Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcos Hill

Production Coordination

Jaqueline Castro

Patrícia Imaculada de Matos

Assistant Producer

Julia Panades

Technical Support

Ana Siffert, Leonora Weissmann, Michelle Ferreira, Paulo Nazareth, Rodrigo Freitas


Marcelo Terça-Nada


Brigida Campbel and Alexandre Paz

Documentation Team

Adriana Moura, Celso Carvalho, Fabricio Cavalcanti

Daniel Werneck, Eric Fontes, Joacelio Batista, Laura Loureiro

Fabio Cançado

Graphic Art