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Through the Painting Beyond Painting Project artists from various nationalities came to Belo Horizonte in order to discuss about the several possibilities of painting in contemporary art. The event featured a collective studio, a cycle of lectures and a movie show featuring films about painting.

Period: July 2006

Venue: Funarte MG in Belo Horizonte


Belo Horizonte City’s Fund for Culture

Funarte (Fundação Nacional de Artes)

Rijksakademie (Holland)

Stichting Doen (Holland) 


Fundação Clovis Salgado

Gran Darrell Hotel


Collective Studio

Cycle of Lectures

Studio Exhibition open to public visitation

The activities are registered in the trilingual book Painting Beyond Painting

Participating Artists

Collective Studio Mediators:

Lisa Milroy (England),

Avis Newman (England),

Daniel Senise (Brazil)

Sergio Romagnolo (Brazil)

Collective Studio Participating Artists: Igor Sevcuk (Bosnia); Lucas Di Pascuale (Argentina); Patrick Makumbe (Zimbabue); Tim Braden (England); Wenda Kieskamp (Holland); Abrao Jabur (Brazil); Alan Fontes (Brazil); Álvaro Tomé (Brazil); Gabriela Rosa (Brazil); João Maciel (Brazil); Léo Brizola (Brazil); Marcel Diogo (Brazil); Marcelino Peixoto (Brazil); Maria Eugenio Salcedo (Brazil); Rodrigo Freitas (Brazil); Ronaldo Garcia (Brazil); Samir Lucas (Brazil); Tiago FAzito (Brazil); Viviane Avelar Gandra (Brazil) and Walter Trindade (Brazil).


Lupe Álvarez (Ecuador); Patrícia Franca (Brazil); Martin Grossmann (Brazil); Lisa Milroy (England); Mario Zavagli (Brazil); Sergio Romagnolo (Brazil); Francisco Reyes y Palma (Mexico); Daniel Senise (Brazil); Avis Newman (England); Rustom Bharucha (India)


Coordination and Curatorship

Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcos Hill

Production Coordination: Patricia Imaculada de Matos

Assistant Producer: Hely Rodrigues