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PERMEABILITIES was the seventh international event promoted by CEIA in Belo Horizonte. At this event, CEIA proposed to carry out several artistic learning activities in the field of plastic arts focusing on the living permeability between artistic media.

Permeability has been a remarkable and much-discussed characteristic in the art field all along the 20th and 21st centuries. It was CEIA’s desire at the present moment to create a space where experimentation and sharing would once again spur reflections on something inherent in these media.

The social diversity provoked, on purpose, by this meeting, comes to heat up thoughts and exchanges concerning the various socio-cultural realities of each participating subject, also creating a platform where permeabilities may be put into perspective.

The event’s discussions started along the year 2011, when CEIA promoted another event in Belo Horizonte titled “TALKS”, whose cycle of lectures started to approach the theme of permeability, being it a preparation for the proposed discussions.

Period: July 16th through August 1st, 2012.

Venue: Funarte MG in Belo Horizonte


Funarte MG

Fundação Nacional de Artes - Funarte


Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Holland)

Mondrian Foundation (Holland)

Arts Collaboratory (Holland)



Cycle of Lectures – Permeable Dialogues

Final Work Exhibiton

Participating Artists

Laboratory Mediators

Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria)

Vaughn Sadie (South Africa)


Vaughn Sadie (South Africa)

Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria)


Branly Lopes (Guatemala)

George Yudice (EUA)

Harald Schole (Holland)

Participating Artists in the Laboratories

Maryanto (Indonesia)

Admire Kamudzengerere (Zimbabue)

Rumiko Hagiwara (Japan)

Jeannoux van Deijck (Holland)

Maartem Sleeuwits (Holland)

Fabiola Tasca ( Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Flavio C R Oliveira (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Walter Trindade (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Gilmara Oliveira (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Carlos Tantao (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)

Victor Alves Ribeiro (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Jose Flores (Brasilia - Brazil)

Noemi Assumpção (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Paulo Rocha (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Gabi Guerra (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Rosa Maria Unda (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Scheila Silvia (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Abrao Jabour (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Michelle Paixão (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Pedro Virgilio (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Guto Valentim (Brasilia - Brazil)

Clarice Steinmuller (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Rafael Perpetuo (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Rafael Machado (Vitória - Brazil)

Barbara Mol (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Daniella Domingues (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Poliana Nascimento (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Sarah Vaz (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Geraldo Peixoto (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Rodrigo Borges (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Alfredo Nobel (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Deise Oliveira (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

Coordination and Curatorship

Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcos Hill

Production Coordination

Patrícia Imaculada de Matos

Assistant Producer

Marcel Martins