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The TALKS Project was carried out throughout the year 2011 and marked the celebration of CEIA’s 10th anniversary. The project’s activities comprised two artistic residencies, a cycle of lectures, three exhibitions, and a magazine publication. Such activities were developed in order to prepare involved artists to take part in the event “Permeabilities”, held later in 2013. These actions opened up dialogues among the various media expressions, as well as stimulated the exchange between young Brazilian and foreign artists from different fields.

Period: April 2012 through March 2013.

Venue: Centro de Arte Contemporânea in Belo Horizonte; Centro Cultural Usiminas in Ipatinga, and Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo.


Fundação Clovis Salgado

Minas Gerais State’s Law of Cultural Incentive

Belo Horizonte’s Law of Cultural Incentive



Actions held through this project:

Two artistic residencies

  • - CEIA Residency: this local residency program was carried out for five months with three local artists chosen by a public call. These artists developed individual projects under the counseling of art historian Marcos Hill and artist Marco Paulo Rolla, in addition to four other partners.
  • - CA-BRA Residency (Central America and Brazil): held for approximately 20 days involving Brazilian and foreign artists. Six Central American artists from the CA-BRA Residency Project, three artists from São Paulo, and other three plastic artists from Belo Horizonte were invited. All of them worked at a collective Studio in Belo Horizonte. CA-BRA Residency is an unfolding of RAPACES Residency, held in Nicaragua.

Three Exhibitions

CEIA Residency Exhibition at Centro de Arte Contemporânea e Fotografia in Belo Horizonte, 2012.

CEIA Residency Exhibition at Centro Cultural Usiminas in Ipatinga, 2011.

CA-BRA Residency Exhibition at Galeira Vermelho in São Paulo, 2011.

Cycle of Lectures

A cycle made up of six lectures addressing the theme of “Permeabilities” was held.

Publishing of TALKS Magazine

Talks Magazine features all the documentation of the Talks Project, in addition to articles, the lectures held, and images of the works done.

Participating Artists:


Stéphane Huchet (MG – Brazil)

Cristiana Tejo (PE – Brazil)

André Brasil (MG – Brazil)

Claudia Fontes (Argentina/England)

Daniella Bershan (Holland)

Solange Farkas (SP – Brazil)

CEIA Residency Mediators

Cristiana Tejo (PE – Brazil);

Inês Linke (MG – Brazil);

André Brasil (MG – Brazil);

Claudia Fontes (Argentina/England);

Daniela Bershan (Holland);

Marco Paulo Rolla (MG – Brazil);

Marcos Hill (MG – Brazil).

Artists selected for CEIA Residency

Mariana Rocha


Lucas Carvalho 

CA-BRA Residency Artists

Central American artists: Edgar Calel (Guatemala), Jaime Isaguirre (El Salvador), Jullissa Moncada (Nicaragua), Alejandro Flores (Nicaragua), Javier Calvo (Costa Rica) and Fabrizio Arrieta (Costa Rica);

Artists from São Paulo: Carolina Caliento, Henrique Oliveira, and Fernando Pirata.

Artists from Belo Horizonte: Marc David, Inácio Ribeiro Mariani, Raquel Versieux, Mariana Rocha, Lucas Carvalho, Estandelau.



Coordination and Curatorship:

Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcos Hill

Production Coordination:

Patricia Imaculada de Matos

Assistant Producer

Marcel Martins


Selection Committee for Residents

Talks Residency

Marco Paulo Rolla

Marcos Hill

Fabiola Moulin

Magali Melleu Sehn


CA-BRA Residency

Dora Longo Bahia

Marco Paulo Rolla

Marcos Hill

Patrícia Belli