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“Quermesse”, an important traditional festivity in the calendar of many cities in Minas Gerais, is given a new face in the Turned to Art project, held by CEIA – Center of Experimentation and Information in Art. The project’s actions brought together a video show, a performance art show, and a concert featuring popular bands.

Just like in a “quermesse”, the public was invited to try out typical dishes of the local culinary tradition while enjoying musical concerts, video shows, as well as artistic performances guided by the idea of food. More than just being offered, the food was worked as a way to sensitize the public to new ways of seeing hunger and the pleasure of tasting. The idea of food was transformed into drawings, sculptures, and performative experiences, in which the public was invited to join in.

These actions were part of the Funarte Grande Área Project, curated by Xico Chaves and Luiza Interlenghi.

Period: June 10th and June 29th, 2014.

Venue: Funarte MG in Belo Horizonte/MG



Funarte MG


Video Show – Espaços à Mostra

Performance Show

Popular Bands in Concert

Participating Artists

Guilherme Morais (Master of Ceremonies and Performer)

João Marcelo Emediato

Janaina Tabula

Marta Neves

Dudude Herrmann

Ana Luisa Santos

Joacelio Batista (Video Show Curator)

Agnes Farkasvolgyi

Marc Davi

Thereza Portes

Grupo Indigestão (Clarice Steinmuller, Guto Valentin, Noemi Assumpção, Rafael Machado e Rafael Perpétuo).

Filarmonica 1º. De Maio

Banda Carlos Gomes

União Operária de Nova Lima


Coordination and Curatorship: Marco Paulo Rolla e Marcos Hill

Production Coordination: Patricia Imaculada de Matos

Assistant Producer: Marcel Martins

Monitor: Lilian Brandão