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Brazil Time


10/26 Tuesday

6pm -  Wellington Jr. (Tutunho), João Vilnei e Felipe Mota Ferreira  - Ceará, Brazil

Aureoleds 3.0 


Aureoleds is a ritualistic performance in which Tutunho - the thaumaturge, performs low-tech cures and prophesies the imminent apocalypse and the never-coming-will come armageddon. Tutunho's voice is miraculous and his halo is the symptom of this strength. Now Tutunho needs to make disciples, because the world is asking for healing. Be a saint too! Have your own halo. On October 26th at 6pm, view @tutunhoofficial's Instagram story, use the Aureoleds 3.0 filter, put on your halo and let the sky light shine!


Access: Instagram - @tutunhoofficial  e @ceiaartbrasil


8pm -  Noemi Assumpção - Minas Gerais, Brazil 

Brazilian anguish



Swallow the cry, gnaw to the bone, burp caviar and laugh so you won´t cry. That's what we have for today.


Performed live at BDMG Cultural Gallery and broadcast in the zoom room


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10/27  Wednesday

10am - Video Performance Exhibit

 Previously recorded videos


The MIP4 video performance exhibition brings together works by artists from Brazil, France, Finland and the United States and it presents a small excerpt of the creative power of performance immortalized in video recording.




Access: CEIA website


7pm -  Performance etc. and such


Chats about forwarding of practices and knowledge about experience and performance art in the context of learning and creation in the arts.


Mediation: Marco Paulo Rolla and Wilson de Avelar


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10/28 Thursday

 8pm -  Jonata Vieira - Minas Gerais, Brazzil 



The European standard of beauty, so valued in Brazil, is a very striking feature of the veiled racism we live in today. There is an absurd distortion in regards to physical characteristics, if these are not typically European they are considered inferior. Any black phenotype is treated almost as a defect and not as a trait inherent in the nature of black people; hair, for example, must be straight and light, because dark and frizzy hair is a mistake, hence terms such as "bad hair" ” are so present in our popular vocabulary. Creams for skin whitening and hair straightening, widely spread in the Brazilian territory, were part of a racist process of establishing concepts of beauty molded in the idea of ​​universal beauty standards and white superiority.


Performed live at Museu Mineiro and broadcast via zoom platform


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10/29 Friday

7pm -  Tero Nauha - Finlândia 

Traje Performativo

(Performer: Marco Paulo Rolla)


The performance deals with the lack of material and meetings that we all need to live. We also wear and play with materials, and we need them not to cover our bodies, but to enhance them and we need the feel of these materials, also.

Performed live at BDMG Cultural Gallery and broadcast in the zoom room

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8pm -  Efe Godoy - Minas Gerais, Brazil 

Everything that is alive changes - ritual for calm


Efe found a field of camomile while walking and discovered the natural chamomile healing and calming function. Flower that fights insomnia. This action is also a ritual for calm, a reminder for the rushing time. A comfortable place to remind that dreams exist.


Performed live at BDMG Cultural Gallery and broadcast in the zoom room


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10/30 Saturday

 6pm -  Reza Afisina - Indonesia 

Measure the shape with an inadequate object and turn it into sufficient evidence.


It is LIVE! online performance with arrangement of times and links provided.


Performed live from the artist's location


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10/31 Sunday

 3 pm -   Rodrigo Antero - Minas Gerais, Brazil



Anthology of an organic body: negro-black


Flooded, buried, supplanted by a white universe of plastics the black body wants to be free, decolonize and transpersonalize what is to come... Territory body in search of drifting, becoming... Performing memory: me-with-the-other/the-in-the-world? Relational blackness experience (alterity): Environment: Earth: Water: Air: Rooting: So...Body-Tree. (rodrigos anteros)


Performed live from Museu Mineiro and broadcast in the zoom room


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 4 pm -  Christina Fornaciari - Minas Gerais, Brazil 



Performance that uses the jet of water as a state device of choreopolitics (containment of the body in the city), in an attempt to materialize opposing movements, of resistance, of affirming the freedom of the body, of thought and expression. The water jet of the water truck, commonly launched by the State to dissolve undesirable groups, here comes across a "Forbidden Way" sign. Don't retreat. Don't give in. Don´t give up. The body advances, exists and insists, resists. The use of pressurized water also alludes to Operation Lava-jato and its setbacks, blows and loss of rights that this political maneuver has generated, as well as the forms of resistance mobilized in this scenario.


Performed live from the Museu Mineiro and broadcast in the zoom room


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11/01- Monday

 5pm Workshop participants

Summary: Presentation of workshop works


Access: Ceia website


7pm  - Roundtable: mediation of performance in Brazil

Summary: Marco Paulo Rolla, Fernando Riberio, Lucio Agra and Bia Medeiros talk about the challenges of performance mediation in Brazil


Participants: Lucio Agra (São Paulo - Brazil), Bia Medeiros (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil), Fernando Ribeiro (Parana - Brazil) and Marco Paulo Rolla (Minas Gerais - Brazil)


Access: ZOOM Platform


 11/02 - Tuesday

 7pm - Tiago Sant'Ana - Bahia, Brazil



One woman weaves braids in the hair of another, building paths and clearings in her head, bringing to light memories that touch the history of Brazil and its intersection with racial issues.


Previously recorded


Access: Ceia YouTube



8pm -   Marco Paulo Rolla - Minas Gerais, Brazil



Facing a life full of tasks and moments directed by our vital needs, we find moments of silence or waiting. Today, faced with our pandemic daily lives, this condition is inverted, we live in a vacuum and who knows, maybe we will find the moment to escape.


Performed live from Museu Mineiro and broadcast in zoom


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11/04 Wednesday

8pm - Massuelen Cristina - Minas Gerais, Brazil

The night doesn´t fall asleep in women's eyes


Massuelen Cristina, a visual multi-artist, will investigate in this performance ' The night doesn´t fall asleep in women's eyes ' the processes of 'Sewing Wounds', a healing ritual of traditional communities' healers and root-healers, consisting of sewing and a lucky charm, surrounding an injury or pathology of an injured person.


Performed live from Museu Mineiro and broadcast in the zoom room


Access: ZOOM Platform


11/04 Thursday


2pm - Eliane Brazil - Paraná, Brazil

Third skin


In such disturbing times, when the world suddenly becomes chaotic facing the fear of the invisible but real, where social distancing is a premise for the body's survival, the action discusses the coexistence of multiple bodies affected by absences. Based on the possible ties and links in textile handicrafts, it makes use of fabrics as conducting threads in search of affection for any human isolation condition, given to the present moment or not.


Performed live from the artist's location


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8pm - Ana Gabi - Minas Gerais, Brazil 

Queer Drama


Is it a boy or a girl? Is it a boy or a girl? It's a boy. It's a girl. It's not a boy. It's not a girl. They want an identity from me. And I can be Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It's pussy, fuck!! Is it pussy? Is it a girl? It's pussydick! My organ is multi-species. It's open source. It is open to anyone who wants to eat it. Christian consumers insist on defining me. I am not a facebook. But I'm open to likes and shares. I am an algorithm. It's a boy. It's a girl. It's fluid. It's not binary-tupi-brazil-queer-guarani. It's genderless. It's a chemical toilet door. It's the end-of-the-world Dada urinal. It's a boy. With mustache and a producing breast. It produces milk. Breastfeeding. My sperm is red. It's menstruation. It's fluid. Is it a boy or a girl. It's what you want. It is what I want. It's body. It's like. Shared image. Save to desktop. In clouds. Forwarded in whatsapp groups. It's Instagram. Anthrotransphagic-cybernetic-robotic-quantum-astrological-ephemeral and futile revolution. Man-woman-trans-fag-queer-bi-israel-palestinian-cookie-snack-cheese-with-guava. I am not a girl. I'm not a boy. I'm not cis. I'm not trans. I am: an experiment. Try me out. Does anyone have the courage to embrace this body?



Performed live from Museu Mineiro and broadcast in the zoom room


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11/05 Friday

8pm -   Alison Crocetta - USA

Learning How to Sing (Songs of Love and Resistance)


In her performance, Learning How to Sing (Songs of Love and Resistance), Alison Crocetta will attempt to bridge the chasm of translation as she sings a range of songs in Brazilian Portuguese and English. This performance celebrates our capacities to sing in a language that we cannot speak and communicate with people who do not understand our mother tongue. Crocetta’s use of mirrors, within this work, underscores the physical distance that is an inherent aspect of virtual performances during this global pandemic. Despite these remote circumstances, Learning How to Sing (Songs of Love and Resistance) recognizes that meaningful connections can still be made when people come together to witness and experience the actions and
soundings of another.


Performed live from the artist's location


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 11/06 Saturday

 4 pm -   Thaise Nardim - Tocantins, Brazil

Desert composition


Smaller ores build the system's most robust foundations. Each building, each monument, each circuit - all bring together elements from other worlds loaded in their materials. Using the procedures of performance art, in the desert to pursue - and insist on pursuing - a geontological justice.


Performed live from the artist's location


Access: ZOOM Platform


6h30pm -   Mette Sterre - Holanda

Back Off/Up! Full Stop, Back Drop & Roll (Stage 000X) Courteous Curtain Changes


A room,

a performer, or two, or three,

or none

All of the above and beyond;

Cover up what was dressed down

adress … feel in the gap there

lease please

don’t leave any emotional luggage unattended

If so, Your personal longings will be destroyed

Mind the Crap

If you are vulnerable, the audience is able to fall in love with you under false pretences***

 Get some rest from the tests

Swipe left swipe right

All right said Fred

All night long said the Night Stalker

Magic the gathering

Type x wave files


***Mette Sterre has a very dramatic take on farewells, saying goodbyes and experiences a general dreadfulness when things come to an end (always being the one who was up last at a slumber party). She will do everything in her power to try and stretch a good moment in time (hedonist/nihilist). She also has a fear of people or objects disappearing into a void. Through this newly developed performance, especially for this festival, she will explore the potential of directorial entrances and grateful exits, as a case study to explore how moments never end, but transform into new formats and how repetition doesn’t even exist really. Using sound, spoken word text and body masks and the digital realm of screen time as space to try and deal with this perpetuating issue and own it for what its worth. [p.s. According to Carl Sagan (R.I.P.) we are all a bunch of moving fluff any ways] 


Performed live from the artist's location


Access: ZOOM Platform



11/07 Sunday

8pm   Fernando Ribeiro - Paraná, Brasil

Realizada ao vivo da localidade do artista


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